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My father knew I’d be the one to find his sprawled-out body. But that didn’t stop him from pulling the trigger anyway. I won’t lie to you. Life has been hard for Mom and me. Yet somehow, we find a way to scrape through every month. But living this way takes its toll on you. Did fate have a hand in reuniting me with my high school friend, Scott Holbrook? All I know is that working for his pregnant fiancée is the break I’ve been waiting for. But life is never so simple and as I suspected everything is not as it seems. When I started working for Scott all I wanted was the opportunity to make something of myself. I had no idea it would lead me to uncovering the truth of what really happened to my father.


Being CEO of my father’s billion-dollar property investment company was not what I wanted considering my appointment was a way of easing his guilt. Absent father. Cheating on my mother. I could spend all day listing his sins, but I won’t bore you with this rest. That’s why accepting the job felt like selling out. But it was a sacrifice I needed to make to establish myself. A necessary evil. Temporary. And it was until I got Kristin pregnant in a drunken tryst. Now my father has the leverage to force me to settle down and focus on my future in the company.

Is love worth the sacrifice or my inheritance?

I’m not for sale, but even the greatest sacrifices come with a price.

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